Thursday, 30 October 2014

How apple pay works?

Apple pay is a simple, secure and private way to make payment with a single touch. It is a new NFC (near field communication) payment system that lets you to make purchases at many major retailers through iphone 6 and other IOS devices. Apple pay is a dedicated chip that stores encrypted payment information. Apple pays will able you to hold your iphone up to a credit card number. To add a card number, go into the settings, open passbook and apple pay and then select ‘add credit or debit card number’. Once you add your debit/credit card number, you are able to use your phone for make payments by authenticating your touch ID. In iphone 5S and older devices that doesn’t have SE chips, so you can’t generate code to transmit your debit or credit card number.
When you hand over your debit or credit card to make payments, your identity is always visible. With the help of apple pay, your actual debit or credit card number will replace with a unique account number. This account number is assigned, encrypted and store in a dedicated chip in iphone. So that actual card numbers are never shared with merchant. Apple pay will also protect your account if you lose your device. Because actual card numbers are not stored in apple pay so you don’t have to cancel your debit or credit cards. If your iphone will steal, you quickly put your device in lost mode. Your phone will be locked and after that you can clean your device completely by suspended apple pay.
Benefits of apple pay
  • Secure way of payments:
Apple pay is a secure way to make payments. There are two hardware based security solutions. First your finger prints, which is required for each to the transaction. And this is done through touch ID. Second hardware solution is a key to secure your financial information. The key serves as a chip. This is only available in iphone 6, iPod 3 and apple watch. In addition, it is found that the secure elements of iphone 6 are also safe from hardware attacks. If your phone will lost then you can immediately shut down the software through secure element.
  • One touch payment mode:
With the help of touch ID sensors, only one touch the ID and payments will be made. It is all about one-touch checkout.
  • No entry of card number:
Apple pay are not required your actual debit or credit card number. You only need authorized account number to make payments. It keeps your cards in wallet.
  • Apple pay can benefit for small business:
This is very helpful for small business merchants. It increases the security and privacy for your customers. With the help of encrypted NFC technology, that makes it possible for consumers to make payments without any physical card. This technology wirelessly connects with merchant. For the authentication process, a unique code is generated for every transaction. Merchant will never know the customer’s names and card number. So customers are confident that there credit card information will never lost.
  • Iphone replace your wallet:
Apple pay is finally enabling you to make payments through mobile. There is no need to bring physical wallet while you went out for shopping.
  • Never save your transactions:
Apple pay will never save your transactions. It always keeps your payments private and doesn’t store the detail of your transaction. Only for your convenience, all transactions are stored in passbook.